Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hey everybody!  Welcome back!  We hope you're as excited as we are for the start of the 2015 growing season.  It's been a restful and peaceful winter season for our family.  This is the time of year we focus on schooling with the kids and we really enjoy this very different change of pace in our days.  Blair and I have been planning and scheming for the upcoming season and we are excited to unveil our 2015 CSA farm share options!

We have an exciting addition to our farm shares this year, as we are partnering with our neighbors at the awesome Red Rooster Coffee Roaster to include a special blend in our Regular Share option.  We've also changed our pricing structure this year to an initial deposit, and then a monthly payment during the harvest season.  We hope that might make it easier for folks to budget than a one-time, up-front lump sum.  Our farm is also now able to accept credit and debit cards through the (very secure) Square system.  That's some of the news!  Here is all you need to know to sign up for a share!!

Call, email and message us with your questions, of course!!  We are so grateful for your encouragement and support, and we look forward to sharing this season, and it's bounty with you.  

Blair, Katie, and the kids.  

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